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Heart + Fern Photography

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Hey babes, It’s Braeden, you can find out more info about me here. You are probably wondering why the name ‘Heart + Fern’? Well first off, Heart came about because there are so many aspects of my business that tie into the heart. Emotion, Love, Seeing pictures you never imagined possible. My clients have a impact on me

I lead this business with my heart and you will be able to see that in my work. Fern Came about, first off, because I love ferns. They are actually one of the plants that grows but you have to nurture it, it takes work (just like any love or business) Also it symbolizes sincerity towards each other which is what I hope I’m able to give you!



“capturing your radiant love story in genuine moments as forever memories”



The Gang

Who we have worked with

Being able to have worked with and still work with these organizations is such a blessing!




”Braeden is the sweetest, down to earth, amazingly talented photographer that will immediately make you feel like her best friend”

Autum J



The Gram


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