Why do a first look?

The first time you see your significant other is probably the most anticipated time of yalls relationship and of course your wedding day. 

If you’re like most, you probably will fit one of these descriptions:

  • you don’t want your groom to see you until you walk down the aisle

  • You want to see each other before your ceremony

  • OR… You didn’t know there was an alternative to your groom seeing you when you first come down the aisle and/or you have no idea why you should do it one way or the other

If you are any of those… This post is for you!


It is more personal and intimate

Not only can you decided who (if anyone) will be watching when you two see each other the first time during your wedding day, but you can have a moment to yourselves to connect and relax. 

Now, Maybe you really want your soon to be spouse to cry as you come down the aisle. But, the truth is, some men don’t feel comfortable expressing emotion in public. The first look is a great way to limit it to small group of family and friends. 

And, its not uncommon for brides and grooms to still cry when she walks down the aisle— even if there was a first look! 

You get to spend more time together + MORE pictures 

Ok who doesn’t want to spend more time with there soon to be husband!! Some great things we are able to get: all the wedding party photos, and formal family pictures out of the way so that way after the ceremony I can steal ya for some awesome sunset photos!!! ANDDDD y’all get to actually mingle with your guests during cocktail hour!! Whaaat?

Why photographers (me) love this? 

  • shooting a more relaxed and comfortable couple = better, more authentic photos.

  • getting creative; much like an engagement shoot, but in your best clothes

  • having more time to consider alternate venue options to account for the varying light conditions on the day 

  • Plus I love to deliver, I love to be able to serve my clients and this is one of the best ways!

A couple of things to think about…

When doing a first look there are some things to consider and I want to help you over come these fears if they are present How much earlier will you need to get ready to be able to do a first look, which would mean you are in your wedding clothes longer (which hey that is so not a bad thing cause lets be real that dress deserves to be wined and dined Ha! ;) ) A big thing to also consider is flowers ask your florist a couple of questions can they get your flowers bouquet(s), floral crown(s) and buttiner(s) in time? Think about your floral choice will they hardy enough to remain fresh all day from first look to the reception and do they recommend any special storage??


Honestly EITHER way is the best for you!! This is your day and Im here for these days 110% .

Weddings are my jam and so are my couples! Lets get to know each other here!!

Venue: One Eleven East

Planner: J Scott Events

Florals: Flor Amor

Dress: Davids Bridal

Hair: Brooke Amber Studio

Makeup: LL Hair & Makeup