Hey Hey,

First off WELCOME I'm so glad we've found each other! The name is Braeden but you can call me B. I'm from Anaheim California but I was raised here in San Antonio & New Braunfels, TX. I've been doing life with this man of mine David for going on 6 years and we have established our roots here in San Antonio! He owns his own company, and is striving at that! We are a pretty easy going couple. We have two pups Boss and Piston who are the most loyal dogs they are turning 5 in 2019. I’m a beyonce lover I can't tell you how many notes I cant hit in love on top… #sorrynotsorry if you are near me when this happens. HAHA Im a ice cream connoisseur and love pistachio flavored Blue Bell. I Just took the plunge and am doing the dang thing and I’m pursuing my photography FULL TIME!!! I’am so absolutely happy to have god guiding me on this!!

I want to be able to call you my friend before I'm your photographer that is something that is important to me!

My Couples & Families are my happy place! I'm here to make sure that everything runs smoothly! I’m here to be that third wheel or that brides maid that is always down to have a good time. I’m not about poses and artificial stuff. I’m more about the genuine moments like those nose crinkles, belly laughs and those kisses that make you feel like you are right where you are supposed to be!

If that sounds like you, I can't wait to meet you!


Photo by Carreon Photographyy

Photo by Carreon Photographyy